Lawn fertilizer is food for your grass.  Lawns need a balanced fertilizer program to enhance growth, health, and color.  Our programs range from three to six fertilizer applications - we can work with any budget.

We use only top quality John Deere fertilizers and herbicides (formerly Lesco).  We are licensed through the state of North Carolina to apply a wide range of fertilizers and herbicides.  

 Nutsedge - A widely distributed perennial sedge having small edible nutlike tubers, grows much faster and taller than normal fescue. We can eliminate Nutsedge!

Crabgrass  - a grass that has creeping or decumbent stems which root freely at the nodes and that is often a pest in turf or beds, grows much faster and taller than fescue.  We can eliminate Crabgrass!

Our fertilizers and herbicides are safe and effective 

 Our most popular six step lawn fertilization program includes weed control with each application:

Round 1: Our first application of the season consists of a high nitrogen fertilizer as well as both pre-emergent weed control and post-emergent weed controls. This treatment will enhance the color of your fescue grass and will aid in the prevention and control of broadleaf weeds and annual crabgrass.

Round 2: This application provides your fescue with the fertilizer and nutrients necessary to stay green and healthy. Also included is the second treatment of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls to help protect the fescue from summer annual weeds.

Round 3: June/July is the most difficult time of year to maintain fescue grass due to summer related stress. Drought stress along with improper watering and mowing practices can cause damage to the turf. This application consists of a low nitrogen fertilizer with iron to get a deep green color.

Round 4: This application consists of pellitized limestone for the fescue. Limestone helps to condition the soil and balance the soil pH level so that your turf will use our fertilizers more efficiently.

Round 5: September/October is the best time for Fescue Core Aeration & Seeding. Our application of balanced fertilizer will aid in the germination of your recently seeded lawn, and it will help your established fescue grass to repair itself from damage caused by summer stress.

Round 6: The last application of the year consists of a high nitrogen fertilizer that will provide nutrients needed by the developing new grass to mature over the winter months.